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Hope & Healing for Children

Camp Mariposa councelor and camperChildren express grief differently than adults. Sometimes their expressions, or seeming lack of expressions, are mistaken for signs that they are not affected by loss. Just the opposite is true. Silence can be a mask for repressed unresolved grief that can manifest as acting out and into adulthood as unhealthy behaviors. Adults may think the child is doing well, when, in fact, he or she is dealing with confusing and frightening emotions.

Camp Mariposa


Our childhood specialists are highly trained at recognizing signs and gently drawing out painful feelings in an effort toward healthy resolution of grief.

Resources such as sand trays, play therapy, animal-assisted therapy, media, music, dance or writing are helpful methods. Our two children’s rooms are ideal settings where kids can feel safe in play activities with groups or in private sessions in their very own room.


Camp MariposaCamp Mariposa

Since 2002, our bereavement camp for children ages 5-12 has provided healthy guidance for any child in our community who has endured the loss of a loved one.


Here Camp Mariposa has a dedicated home where youngsters engage in activities such as:

  • Hand- and face-painting to express feelings
  • Handcrafting wooden butterflies for keepsakes
  • Creation of “memory boxes” for families
  • Outside games to release energy and tension
  • Animal therapy may consist of trained dogs or pony shows

Finally, the children write a letter to their loved one, which is read aloud to the audience of parents and peers. Camp ends with the magical Butterfly Release, an event that culminates the experience for all and offers hope for the future.



School System and Law Enforcement

Due to our networking with both the school district and awareness programs through the police department and sheriff’soffice, our counselors are well connected for referrals.